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Environmental Management


Our planted forests coexist in full harmony with an extensive area of ​​conservation and preservation, which protect the water springs, fauna and flora, and help regulate the rainfall regime.

Remasa is concerned and aware of its role in the preservation of natural resources, and has been developing and supporting several projects in order to investigate the issue of environmental preservation allied to its economic practices. Our studies and projects have pointed out that planted forests serve as shelters for feeding and nesting, as well as corridors for a large number of native species, including endangered species, demystifying and contradicting the theories that point to forests planted with Pine as great green deserts devoid of wildlife.

Altogether, in all farms, Remasa Group owns 38.247,88 ha, of which, 18.769,49 ha (49%) are commercial plantations of Pinus spp and Eucalyptus spp.

The natural areas, which are covered with Mixed Ombrophylous Forests, represent nearly half of the total, with 17.967,24 ha (47%) composed of protected and conservation areas.

The remaining area, 1.511,15 ha (4%), corresponds to other uses, such as infrastructure, roads, lakes and energy transmission networks.

This spatial conformation of the plantations, together with native areas, is responsible for the formation of large mosaics, connected by extensive biodiversity corridors, which facilitate the movement of fauna and flora among the preservation areas.